educoco Flipped Classroom

Beyond classroom, educoco flippes traditional learning to learn anywhere anytime

A sparrow cannot understand the ambition of a swan

Learning and chasing dreams with friends at educoco

Collaboration and competition inspires innovation

Team-based learning gives students chances to express opinions, communication, information exploration and collaborative problem solving

Respecting the beauty of diversity, and inspiring innovation during competition

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who can solve teachers problems?
── Student ──
After school groups
After school, students can use educoco circles to discuss and collaboratively solve homeworks beyond the time and location constraints.
Tasks for teamwork
Playing tasks related to latest news. Team members split up to gather diverse information and play different roles to solve key issues collaboratively. This resulted in learning records for visualizing self-improvements.
Offical competition
Official competition makes learning fun! In addition to challenging classmates, educoco lets you compete with students around the world. Increasing fundamental skills gradually, and earning surprising gifts.
── Teacher ──
Cross-class learning
Cross classes learning is difficult for physical classes. With simple steps, educoco matches classes pairs easily for collaborative learning.
Analysis report
educoco records activities happened in class circle, incliding posts, responses and performance in tasks. Let you manage classes easier!
Teachers community
Questions can solve by crowd sourcing, i.e. other teachers can join the discussion. educoco is a teacher community for flipped classes.

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Success stories

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翻轉教育 嚴長壽勉老師 培養活用知識能力
台東康樂國小 educoco把我們圈在一起
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